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Welcome to TBI Products A/C Components
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Having trouble ordering?

The most common reason you may be unable to place a shopping cart order is because you or your browser did not accept the cookie we gave you when you entered the site. When you enter this site you are given a temporary cookie. This cookie contains a computer-generated number that acts as a temporary customer ID number. Your browser stores this number while you are here visiting the site. When you use the shopping cart this number gives you a unique identity so the website can keep track of what you are buying and not add someone else's items to your cart. After you place an order your temporary ID number is deleted. If you don't/can't acccept cookies, please call 1-855-225-4062 to place an order.

The Shopping Cart is given this name because it is very much like shopping in a supermarket with a shopping cart. You add items you wish to purchase to your cart and then proceed to the checkout area once you have everything you need.

E-mail Error Messages:
E-mail Errors are the most common error you will encounter. Our forms check for the existence of a "@" and a "dot" symbol in every e-mail address. AOL users who are used to AOL automatically putting "@aol.com" behind their username when they send mail will need to add this themselves. Mail on the real Internet (outside AOL) doesn't know where to go unless the extension is present. ALL e-mail addresses contain an "@domain.extension" at the end of the address.

Why do I need to create an account?
An account is only necessary to place an order. What we're doing is just gathering up all the contact, billing and shipping information that you would normally need to place an order once, so you'll never need to type it all in again. Your account can be edited if you need to make changes in the future.

What about my credit card information?
We DO NOT keep any credit card or payment information with your account data so you'll need to manually enter it with every order. This is done to provide increased security and should only be a minor inconvenience when placing orders. We now check the three digit ID code (CVV2) on the back of your card with every order you place. Again, this is just another way to increase security.

Who has access to my information?
We have not, do not and will never share your user information with anyone outside TBI Products. We value you as a customer!

Server Errors

mean that something went wrong in the transfer of data. These errors can happen because of a server malfunction or because of entry of corrupt data (letters in number fields, etc.) or a program glitch. Server Errors are automatically reported to our webmaster as they occur. It is our goal to run as error-free as possible.

Search Tips:
When using our search feature there is no need to use plus signs or quotes, in fact this will normally nix the search. Using multiple words with a space between them narrow the search to results that contain ALL the keywords.

Other Questions:
If you have questions concerning our products, policies, or pricing, please contact us.

Welcome to TBI Products A/C Components